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Tiny Super Heros

Every child at Sunny Hive is important. We see children as leaders and let them pick their own names at our center. The kiddos have fun building their confidence and shaping a self identity.

Silly Science

We have fun baking, playing, and coming up with crazy projects to explore the boundaries of the universe. Sometimes it is to experience and sometimes it is to understand, but it is always to have fun!

Make Believe Time

We go on adventures where we read amazing books about folklore, fairy tales, and let our imaginations run wild. We encourage the children to stretch their beliefs and play with the idea of history and time.

Rules & Safety

We have our central focus on a safe and friendly environment. We keep things light-hearted as possible and encourage kids to memorize recipes to stay out of danger, work well on a team, and be healthy.

Our Elementary Programs


From ABCs to Fairy Tales, we teach the basics of reading, writing, and enjoying the love of words.

Drawing & Painting

Play with colors, shapes, and sizes. Learn to interact with art and the building blocks of creativity.

Focus Zone

Find peace and quiet. Kids learn how to create space, stillness, and to enjoy the serenity of nothingness.


Unleash your inner nerd. Crunch numbers and learn the basics of your 123s. Use our games and activities to improve your skills.


We keep science and subjects interesting by showing how amazing our world is. The magic class explores the boundaries of the universe.

Sing & Dance

Play along to your favorite songs and learn choreography that is cute, fun, and tiring! We incorporate play in all we do.

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Our Staff

Jack Daniels

Senior Supervisor

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Linda Glendell

Teaching Professor

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Kate Dennings

Children Diet

Escolar, Childhood Education, Dental Hygiene, Dental Health Month.

Kristof Slinghot


Ideas and inspiration to add to the students portfolio through the year.

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