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Our Mission

Children learn at a pace of their own. Sunny Hive is a play-based school for kids where we encourage their creative and imaginative thoughts which are essential for innovation. Teaching is woven into art, music, and games. Our objective is education through entertainment. Surrounded by a caring, healthy environment; children get opportunities to explore and communicate. Helping them to create a positive peer group we also focus on a child’s individuality. A child’s physical vitality is also taken care of. Let your kid’s new journey begin in an innovative way.

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Meet Our Staff

Miss Lyra
Music Trainer, Specialist in Classical Music 1280 STUDENTS

Being a specialist in music, Mr. Bond has a clear and sound knowledge of rhythm and he believes children are the embodiment of creativity in their own flow. His devotion towards children and their welfare is noticeable. His life-long earnings and motivations are the base of Sunny Hive. He is a great admirer of children’s innovations.

Some Words from Parents

Our Teachers

Jack Daniels

Senior Supervisor

Mr. Daniels coordinates our teaching faculty, ensuring the correct distribution of effort our teachers give.

Linda Glendell

Teaching Professor

Ms. Glendell looks after the teaching faculty helping them to impart the right ways of learning.

Kate Dennings

Children Diet

Physical fitness of a child is also important in his learning, Kate takes care of the correct diet.

Kristof Slinghot


The management keeps record and cooperates with the parents, building a reliable relationship.

Our Partners

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